Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Star Pupil for the Month of April 2013

Star Pupil for the Month of April 2013 - Zendrea

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools 2013 - Results

20-Member Team @ Hwa Chong Institution on 6 April 2013

Congratulations to the following kiddos for your fine performances at the SMOPS 2013:

Yi Ning
Yu Hong

Kit Yee

That's 25%... Hmmm... Not too bad. (".)

Everybody! Please continue to strive for EXCELLENCE! *\0/*

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Practice Paper Answer Keys (E4 M4 S4)

Download the answer keys only after you have completed the practice papers.

English (E4) Answer Keys

Mathematics (M4) Answer Keys

Science (S4) Answer Keys

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

We Found 8 Years of Friendship (",)

I thought this would be nice to share. ^_^

My first batch of students in APS, from 2005 to 2006, and Mrs Cho's last batch of students before her retirement. (".)

In some ways, they were my mentors. They had "trained me well" to handle "difficult" students. Hahaha...

Now 19, all very sensible kiddos despite their "ah beng, ah beng" look. Some furthering their studies, while some awaiting NS enlistment. =D

It all started with an sms from one of them last week and 10 of them responded. There we were at Seoul Garden, Nex, this afternoon! *\o/*

I now look forward to the BBQ @ Mrs Cho's place in June. (^_*)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

National Spelling Championship (North Zone) 2013

It was exciting. It was eye-opening. For me.

It was nerve-wrecking for the competitors as they had to spell out the word aloud in front of an audience. Even simple words would have been made difficult.

The whole competition, of 7 rounds,  lasted approximately 2h 15mins and I was wide-awake and alert throughout.

Words like "ochre", "subterfuge", "anathema", "olfactory" and "moribund" etc. stumped me too. This precious experience allowed me to understand how a student would feel when they do not understand what the teacher was teaching or talking about.

It's not merely a competition of spelling and vocabulary, it is one of luck too.

With only 24 pupils left, Jia Yi bowed out, together with another 8 pupils, in the 4th round, when she was asked to spell "melee" which she spelled "mallay", due to its US pronounciation. If she had asked for an alternative pronounciation (UK), the story would have been different. Nevertheless, Jia Yi put up a good showing, clearing "heir", "phrasal" and "dungeon".

Clement and Jun Rui advanced into the 5th round, together with another 13 pupils.

Clement was eventually stopped by the word "hyperbole", a variation from the Latin/Greek word, pronounce as "hy-per-ber-lee". He successfully spelled "queue", "asthma", "gnaw" and "simultaneous".

Jun Rui, at P5, did very well too and he managed to spell "hangar", "centaur", "sepia" and "accessory", before the word "subterfuge" held him back. He will definitely be back next year! ^_^

Well done, kiddos! We are proud of you! (",)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Practice Paper Answer Keys (E3 M3 S3)

Download the answer keys only after you have completed the practice papers.

English (E3) Answer Keys

Mathematics (M3) Answer Keys

Science (S3) Answer Keys

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International Friendship Day 2013

Schools commemorate International Friendship Day (IFD) on Friday 12 April. IFD aims to sensitize our students towards the geo-political realities inherent to Singapore. This year, the theme is ‘The World in Singapore’.

From our humble beginnings as a migrant colony, Singapore has continued to remain inclusive. Our rich and diverse heritage together with this sense of inclusiveness has allowed us to flourish as a cosmopolitan city.

Key Messages
  1. An active foreign policy is important in order for Singapore to maintain its international space and good relations with neighbouring countries;
  2. Singapore is a small nation state with little natural resources and no hinterland. Remaining open to the international flow of trade, ideas and talent is critical to our continued success as an economy, a society and a nation. With a small domestic market, we rely on international trade to sell our products and services to make a living;
  3. Having cross-cultural skills and a global orientation enables Singaporeans to relate to others respectfully and effectively, and take advantage of opportunities arising from a rapidly evolving global landscape. This ensures Singapore’s success in an increasingly inter-connected world;
  4. While we appreciate and celebrate diversity, we must also maintain the social cohesion that is vital to peace and progress in a multi-cultural society. Building mutual respect, understanding and respect across cultures enables us to learn from the different backgrounds and experiences of people who come to Singapore to live, work and study.

Learning Points for Primary Pupils

International Friendship Day is a good opportunity to help our pupils learn about and appreciate other cultures in cosmopolitan Singapore. We want to nurture in our pupils the spirit of friendship and collaboration among different peoples. Pupils should be guided to keep an open mindset, and express an appreciation of the contributions of foreigners living, working and studying in Singapore.

At the primary level, IFD commemoration aims to:
  1. spark pupils’ curiosity about different cultures, so that pupils will be more open to learning from people with different life experiences
  2. allow pupils to appreciate cultural diversity and nurture a willingness to embrace others from diverse backgrounds
  3. encourage pupils to welcome and integrate their international peers to the school or society. The experience of doing so will help cultivate strong bonds of friendship between them and their international friends.
By guiding pupils to recognize values and interests that they share with others in the school or community, pupils will learn that, beyond ethnicity, a common identity can also be forged from shared experiences and values.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools 2013

Competition is never easy. Do your best and leave the rest to fate. (^_*)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Practice Paper Answer Keys (E2 M2 S2)

Download the answer keys only after you have completed the practice papers.

English (E2) Answer Keys

Mathematics (M2) Answer Keys

Science (S2) Answer Keys

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Monday, April 1, 2013